The True Bravery – Putting Yourself Out There!

Let’s face it, putting yourself out there on any scale is tough already. Imagine a person who is isolated often, constantly involving themselves in escapism, and readily available for the next escape from this reality!

As an otaku and/or geek, this can be at the height of our realities.e love our games, we love our manga, we love our comics, we love our anime! Putting yourself out there as a means of going for a new non-virtual relationship, or even trying to show opinions in a potential friendship can be cumbersome mentally to say the least!

But in doing this, you essentially work towards the hero you can become, and show a true grit and bravery that most of us(otaku/geeks/people in general) never truly experience. Societal norms tell us that the world is bad on almost all levels and trust is a fleeting concept.

This makes sense…

But if you truly can climb that mountain and in a sense overcome that hurdle to put yourself out there and say, “This is me damn it! I’m going to go for what I want! I’m not scared of the judgment that precedes and proceeds my actions!!”, then you can unlock a power that I’m guessing you never thought was possible!

True Bravery

Indeed my geek/otaku brethren putting yourself out there typically refers to taking risks or exposing yourself to new experiences. Additionally, you expose yourself to situations, or people, often with the aim of achieving personal growth, expanding your social or professional networks, or pursuing opportunities. It can be challenging and WILL involve stepping outside your comfort zone.  But, it will lead to rewarding outcomes and valuable learning experiences. Here are a few tips for putting yourself out there:

  1. Identify your goals: Determine what you hope to achieve by putting yourself out there. Whether it’s finding new friends, advancing your career, or pursuing personal passions, having a clear goal will help you stay motivated.
  2. Overcome fear and self-doubt: Fear of rejection or failure can hold you back from putting yourself out there. Recognize that these feelings are natural, but don’t let them control your actions. Challenge negative thoughts and remind yourself of your strengths and capabilities.
  3. Start small: Begin by taking small steps outside your comfort zone. Gradually expose yourself to new experiences or social settings. This could include attending networking events, joining clubs or organizations, or reaching out to new people.
  4. Embrace vulnerability: Putting yourself out there often requires vulnerability, as you expose yourself to the possibility of rejection or criticism. Remember that vulnerability is a strength, and it allows for deeper connections and personal growth.
  5. Learn from setbacks: Not every interaction or experience will go as planned, and setbacks are a natural part of putting yourself out there. Instead of dwelling on failures, focus on the lessons learned and use them as stepping stones for future growth.
  6. Cultivate a positive mindset: Maintain a positive attitude and believe in your ability to handle challenges and seize opportunities. Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded individuals who can encourage and motivate you along the way.
  7. Take initiative: Be proactive in seeking out opportunities and making connections. Don’t wait for things to happen; create them yourself. Reach out to people, express your ideas, and seize opportunities as they arise.
  8. Practice self-care: Putting yourself out there can be emotionally draining, so it’s essential to prioritize self-care. Take time to recharge, engage in activities you enjoy, and practice self-compassion.

Remember my fellow geeks and otaku that putting yourself out there is a personal journey, and everyone progresses at their own pace. Stay patient, persistent, and open to new experiences, and you’ll likely discover new opportunities and personal growth along the way.