Vegeta and Mental Cosplay…

For me Vegeta was always someone to aspire to! As of right now, and of course, everyone knows that most Shouen produces a protagonist. Rarely do we find a show that produces an equivalent and/or antagonist turned co-protagonist that warrants being the main character in a Shounen story!


Vegeta, for a lot of us, was always the underrated,  the underappreciated hero whom a lot of us could deeply empathize with.


It’s because not only did he dream of recognizing his full potential, but he worked diligently and beyond to make it happen!

Those were real tears when Frieza pummeled him from behind..

How am I utilizing his example to apply my own mental cosplay. That is a huge question in relation to applying his fictional example and making them tangible.

I personally take some of his most iconic scenes internalize them and apply them when I’m working out. This has a cascading effect which ultimately makes my body feel better and also makes my mental state better!

For a reference to how physical activity and working out help with mental health, you can check out this general article by Pubmed!

When Vegeta first came onto the scene, and more so when he turns super Saiyan, I was completely blown away. Of course in defeating Android 19 or merely introducing himself to the Z crew and the villains, upon turning into that magical mystical as well as mythical warrior, he shows you that he was on fire!

You can clearly see from this image that his anger and rage is has literally put him ablaze! He was clearly, or his transformation rather was clearly more dramatic than that of Goku’s!

Not only that, it was cheered for in a sense and appreciated more even by none would be vegeta fans! I literally remember in the early 2000s reading various forms(shows my age :-)) at the time people more so showcasing that not only had Vegeta ascended to this great transformation but they also felt it to be well deserved.

Even with the latest dragon Ball movie or one of the newer super movies in “Broly“, when Vegeta turned Super Saiyan God everyone cheered even though the form had already been established by Goku!

A circus clown if there ever was one(my internal Vegeta fan speaks freely – lol)!

With that being said, I take this example of Vegeta first turning into a Super Saiyan and apply it to my own mental cosplay when I am essentially trying to overcome certain situations and ultimately better that situation!

Because that’s what Mental Cosplay is! Using elements of our favorite heros in order to overcome our common and/or most difficult obstacles!!

This is always most evident when I’m in the gym trying to set a PR! You better believe I have “Hell’s Bells by Bruce Faulconer” rolling and this scene at the forefront of my mind! The music pumping, the anger brewing, and the steel between my hands, nothing can stop me as I look to ascend in my own rights! The YouTube clips that surround his transformation help as well!! 🙂 !

Be brave be you!

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